More power to you

We provide clean energy solutions to decarbonise real estate
and materially reduce energy costs


Atrato Onsite Energy plc designs, finances, installs and maintains rooftop and ground mounted solar PV systems on commercial sites in the UK and Ireland.

We offer a complete renewables solution. We handle everything from planning and grid connection to installation and lifetime maintenance. 

We offer a zero capex, fully funded solution. We are a long-term investor in behind-the-meter solar PV systems. 


Atrato Onsite Energy offers a comprehensive 'all-in-one' design, finance, installation and maintenance service:


Improve your building’s EPC rating

Our solar energy solutions immediately improve your building’s EPC rating and offers a material reduction in your carbon footprint with real time data that you can both quantify and report. 


Economic savings

Our power purchase agreement (PPA) rates lock in a low cost of electricity for the long term, offering significant savings versus buying electricity from the grid. 



We offer a complete renewables solution. We handle planning, grid connection, installation, and lifetime maintenance. 


8-12 weeks installation time

Installation time for a typical rooftop site is 8-12 weeks, with minimal disruption to the building occupier. 

The Atrato Onsite Energy Process

Our highly experienced renewable energy team offers a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service. Atrato Onsite Energy’s offering is fully funded by us and requires zero capex investment from the client. 

The process begins with a technical assessment to evaluate your energy usage, the irradiation at the site and the suitability of the building (where applicable). We then design a fully bespoke solar array and handle all planning permissions and grid connection applications. 

A power purchase agreement (PPA) and a lease for the space are drafted by solicitors and executed. Our solar PV systems are ethically sourced via our module procurement policy, and we work with local contractors that meet our robust health and safety standards. Atrato Onsite Energy is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the system over the lifetime of the PPA and will manage any surplus energy generation, often supplying it back to the grid.​ 

Working with
Atrato Onsite Energy

We are the largest dedicated behind-the-meter solar PV funder in the UK.

We offer a zero capex, fully funded solution to the client.

We source our panels ethically and commit to the best-in-class recycling at end of life.

Our highly experienced renewables team offer a comprehensive solution service.

Our clients are some of the largest companies and landlords in the UK.

We partner with our clients for the full term of the PPA.

The Atrato Sustainability Formula

Atrato has transitioned from simply managing the environmental, social and governance risk, to incorporating best practice that will maximise your project’s sustainability over the long term.

This is our sustainability ethos.





Long-term investing