AIC ISA recommendations: “Atrato Onsite Energy is an example of such a gem”.

We’re pleased to have been singled out by Killik & Co’s Mick Gilligan as an investment trust worth exploring with the end of the tax year looming. 

“Income tends to be the main priority for retired investors. Several high yielding alternative income providers have seen their share prices fall sharply in recent years. The sell-off has been indiscriminate and there are some gems sparkling in the debris. Atrato Onsite Energy is an example of such a gem. The company is the largest owner of commercial rooftop solar in the UK. It builds solar PV systems and supplies the power to large corporates. This helps customers achieve their net zero targets and it is done through power purchase agreements…”.

This comes as part of an article from the The Association of Investment Companies (AIC), having interviewed financial advisers and wealth managers to discover which investment trusts they recommend. 

Capital at Risk.

Read the full article on the AIC website:

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