Solar PV is the new double glazing

“Solar PV is the new double glazing” – Gurpreet Gujral from Atrato Group shares insights in a new piece with The Engineer UK, stating “Solar, whilst not new, is the obvious choice to help drive the transition to clean energy.”

The article discusses the evolution of double-glazed windows from a niche trend to a standard feature in UK homes, driven by energy efficiency concerns. It parallels this trend with the current rise of solar energy as a solution to combat climate change.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are playing a central role in the energy transition. Follow the link to see how PPAs can shield companies from volatile energy prices, provide fixed, long-term energy prices that protect against market fluctuations and help businesses trace their energy sources.

We echo the sentiment that timely action in adopting clean energy solutions is key to meeting sustainability goals and avoiding obsolescence; “Businesses – big and small – have a role to play in reaching net zero; and by acting now, they can futureproof operations and avoid becoming outdated in ten years’ time.”