Beverage Industry at Risk of Missing Net-Zero Emissions Targets, Warns New Report

A new report has warned that the global beverage industry is off-track in meeting its own net-zero targets.

The report shows the emissions of the beverage industry in 2021 accounted for 3.8% of global emissions, and the current reduction in CO2e falls short of long-term decarbonisation requirements.

Securing renewable energy to power operations is one initiative drinks producers should be implementing to improve their net zero progress. This is more easily achieved and less costly than many assume.

By signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to secure a fixed cost of electricity generated by renewable energy, companies could make significant cost savings compared with financing their own solar or wind installation or buying directly from the grid.

Drinks manufacturing giant Britvic plc recently signed a new innovative 10-year PPA to secure exclusive green energy generated by our 28MW solar site in Northamptonshire, which will power 75% of Britvic’s operations.

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