GB Energy prices to remain over the average

Energy prices in Great Britain are set to remain above £100/MWh until 2030 according to research by Cornwall Insights. Whilst prices are forecast to reduce from current highs, they are expected to remain significantly above the 5-year average of £50/MWh throughout the current decade, reaching £150/MWh in Winter 2025 due to the closure of existing nuclear power plants and delays in the opening of new plants such as Hinkley C.

GB prices are being affected in the short term by the EU demand for non-Russian gas, and will also be affected by the phasing out of GB coal by 2024. Cornwall Insight has highlighted that increasing renewable energy capacity is one solution to reducing energy prices. Atrato Onsite Energy installs onsite renewable energy solutions that provide green energy to corporates and landlords at a long-term fixed rate that offers a significant discount to wholesale power prices.

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