Getting to Net Zero

Great to see our investment advisor Atrato Group contributing to Burges Salmon LLP’s report on Getting to Net Zero.

Francisca Wiggins from Atrato discusses the challenges and solutions found in implementing on-site energy such as future proofing, investor and regulatory pressures, and the age-old debate of cost vs return.

“Corporates are very aware of the need to do something about their Net Zero agenda. Rooftop solar is the best suited to on-site use… It is a visible and uncontroversial way of doing things. By contrast, onshore wind is more site-specific and can also have planning constraints.”

In covering these topics, Francisca also touched on the commercial arrangement known as a power purchase agreement (PPA) which we use with our customers as a way of recouping installation costs:

“We fund solar by entering into a PPA of generally around 20 to 25 years, so our customers make a saving without having to pay for the upfront capex. Everyone is looking at ways of reducing and fixing energy prices, as a result of the price volatility. We offer not just a cheaper but a fixed price solution.”

You can download the full report here: