Net Zero Review calls for ‘rooftop revolution’ to unlock 70GW of solar by 2035

The Independent Review of Net Zero ‘Mission Zero’, shines a bright light onto the need for solar as one of its 10 priority missions and proposes a ‘solar revolution’ as well as a ‘rooftop revolution’.

One of the aims outlined, which we are pleased to see, is to bolster the solar energy sector. The review advises the full-scale deployment of solar including a “rooftop revolution” in a bid to harness one of the cheapest methods of generating clean energy. To facilitate this, the view is that there should be no planning permission required to install domestic solar or commercial solar on the rooftops of buildings.

The review highlights dropping prices in renewable energy costs, showcasing that wind and solar are now the cheapest forms of energy with costs for solar PV dropping by 78% in the last decade, but urges the government to do its part in making it easier for individuals and companies to install renewable energy to enhance the UK’s energy security.

In one of 129 recommendations to the government, the review advises to set up a taskforce and deployment roadmaps in 2023 for solar to reach up to 70GW by 2035.

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