ROOF leads the way with all female board

It is fantastic to see that according to a recent report 40% of all board positions in the FTSE 100 are now held by women, moving the UK into second in the international rankings at the FTSE 100 level. This represents a significant increase at this level, up from 13% a decade ago. Despite this, the report also highlights that more work needs to be done at the management level. Currently there are only 18 female Chief Executives across the FTSE 350.

In November 2021, Atrato Onsite Energy became the first company in LSE history to IPO with an all-female board. As part of our focus on ESG, we are aligned with the Gender Equality UN Sustainable Development Goal, ensuring women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels. This is reflected in both our approach to board appointments as well as all our Investment Adviser’s appointments.

Whilst recognising the progress made since the Hampton Alexander Review, we need to play our role in creating a more inclusive economy by continuing to improve representation at all levels where possible. We hope to see the UK leading the international rankings very soon.

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