ROOF signs 3-year utility PPA with OVO Energy

We are excited to announce that ROOF has entered into a 3-year utility PPA with OVO Energy Limited (OVO Energy), the third largest supplier of domestic energy in the UK.

We expect to supply 49 GWh of clean energy per annum to OVO Energy, providing 9,500 tonnes of CO2 emission savings per annum, equivalent to powering 17,000 UK homes or planting 380,000 trees.

The site in North Yorkshire is currently under installation and expected to be energised in March 2024. The PPA will provide ROOF with a 3-year revenue stream at a set price with fixed annual uplifts for the energy produced.

Gurpreet Gujral, Managing Director at Atrato Group said:

“We are delighted to be supplying OVO, one of the largest electricity suppliers in the UK. As targeted at IPO, we have now built a portfolio of solar PV systems commercialised with a range of PPA maturities that result in an optimum sensitivity to power price movements.”

Read the RNS here: